What You Need to Know About Buccal Fat Removal

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A circular lump of fat in the center of your cheek is known as the buccal fat pad. It’s in the hollow area beneath your cheekbone, between the facial muscles. You can feel like your face is overly big or full if you have enlarged buccal fat pads.

The buccal fat pads are responsible for filling deep tissue voids, acting as gliding pads when masticatory and mimetic muscles contract, and cushioning critical tissues from muscle contraction extrusion or outer force impulsion.

Perhaps you’ve already attempted to make your face appear thinner but failed miserably. You should be aware, however, that chipmunk cheeks are not always linked to obesity. You can have them even if your weight is normal. This means that, in the vast majority of cases, diets and physical exercises will not be enough to get rid of the fatty cheeks. If you’re tired of using highlighter, bronzer, and other face contouring makeup treatments, it’s time to consider a more permanent solution: buccal fat removal. But let us begin at the beginning!

Techniques for Buccal Fat Removal

Some may argue that the technique for removing buccal fat is very simple and easy:

  • An incision with a local anesthetic
  • Locate and remove a section of the fat pad.
  • Incision for sutures

When Buccal Fat Removal is performed by Goals Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery® skilled, board-certified plastic surgeons, the surgery can be completed in under an hour. It is done as an outpatient procedure, thus it is a walk-in, walk-out procedure. After administering a local anesthetic, the surgeon makes a small incision within the mouth (no longer than 1 to 3 cm) at the level of the last two superior molars. After locating the fat pad and removing a portion of it, the incisions are sutured with dissolvable stitches. After the treatment is completed, there are no visible scars, and the patient can leave the medical institution where the intervention was conducted nearly immediately.

The surgery ought to be painless, and the recuperation period should be quick. Patients can resume normal activities as soon as they get home, with a very low chance of problems.


The great news is that, the normal recuperation period after the surgical intervention when it comes to the results attained with the bichectomy treatment. The good part is that the outcomes are long-lasting. The fat pad will never return to your cheeks after it has been removed. Of course, if the patient acquires a significant amount of weight following the procedure, the appearance of the face may change, and fat cells in other areas of the face may increase.

The technique seeks to lower the volume of the cheeks, making the cheekbones more prominent as a result. The contours of the face have improved noticeably, and the face appears more defined.

Best Candidates for Buccal Fat Removal Treatment:

In this instance, it’s probably time to discuss a buccal fat removal treatment with a Goals Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery® expert surgeon. Bichectomy, which is becoming increasingly popular among younger men and women, could help you take your selfie game to the next level.

When fat cheeks did the opposite, the subtle but appealing effect might be a thing of beauty, inspiring confidence.

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