What You Should Know About Flexsculpt

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No…it’s not just another name for Liposuction.

Flexsculpt is actually a specialized technique that uses power-assisted liposuction to help patients achieve their desired transformations under the safest standards available on the market. Flexsculpt has been published in various scientific literature and presented in surgeon-led discussion groups around the United States.

So what makes it different?

The methodology for Flexsculpt was created by our team at Goals after years of experience, and thousands of procedures performed by traditional methods and outdated standards.

Flexsculpt is truly a high-definition approach for liposculpture, involving aggressive fat-harvesting and precision fat grafting to truly sculpt the body.

But, it gets better, Flexsculpt is minimally invasive and performed under tumescent anesthesia.

Tumescent anesthesia is a form of anesthesia performed by injecting tumescent solution under the skin to reduce pain and discomfort during the procedure. Being that the patient remains awake and alert, this drastically reduces many of the complications associated with traditional methods.

Taking a closer look, the tumescent method used during a Flexsculpt procedure has been modified to improve the patient experience — by incorporating revised anesthesia standards, and advanced monitoring methods for fluid administration.

What else? Everything.

The next major difference between Flexsculpt and traditional liposuction is our microcannular fat harvesting technique. Starting from a specific topical marking process, surgeons are able to determine the best entry-points for the micro-cannula used during harvesting. These cannulas are also carefully selected individually for each patient, based on various factors such as area size, skin laxity and rigidity. Flexsculpt is an art — during which surgeons harvest fat from each area using a radial fan-like harvesting technique, allowing them to harvest more fat from various areas of the body.

Patients love Flexsculpt because it allows them to choose an effective solution for liposculpture, associated with far less risk than traditional procedures, all the while, achieving the results they desire. Due to the nature of the methodology, not only do patients not need to subject their bodies to the stress associated with traditional methods, but also they recover far quicker than those undergoing liposuction with other providers. In fact, many patients find themselves able to go back to work in three to five days.

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