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Vein Treatment

Varicose veins and Spider veins are a very common issue amongst both men and women. At Goals Aesthetics we know to truly reach your aesthetic potential vein removal is extremely important.

What are varicose veins?
Varicose veins are protruding veins, most commonly found on the legs and arms. They are generally a deep blue color, and in the most severe cases cause lacerations and bleeding.

Varicose veins are caused by a number of factors, most commonly, age and poor circulation are the leading reasons for their presence. As we age, the veins in our legs “sag” losing their once elastic consistency. These veins begin to lose their function, causing clogs and preventing blood from properly circulating. As the blood clots, it begins to pool up in the weakened veins, resulting in lumpy blue masses within the veins, protruding through the skins surface.

What are my options for treatment?

Generally, patients suffering from varicose veins must make a number of lifestyle changes in order to prevent further damage and limit their presence in the future:

  • Avoid sitting or standing for long period, without needed breaks. And try to keep legs raised while sleeping, avoid crossing feet while laying down or sitting.
  • Improve circulation with physical activity and exercise.
  • Try to lose weight. Varicose veins are far more likely in those who are obese or overweight.
  • Avoid tight constricting clothing.
  • Women should avoid high heels for long periods of time.
  • Improve lower body muscle tone, this helps in the circulation of your lower extremities.

In addition to lifestyle changes, patients should also seek any number of available treatment options.

  • Surgery: surgery can be done to open up poorly functioning veins, and eliminate the clogging. This will improve the blood flow and allows the veins to return to their once functioning state.
  • Sclerotherapy: This procedure uses a liquid chemical to close off a varicose vein. It is directly injected into the vein, causing irritations and scarring within the walls of the vein, causing the vein to close off and shrink, eventually fading away. Several treatments may be necessary to completely close off a vein, and it is generally only recommended for smaller veins, as the remaining larger veins can “pick up the slack” in its absence.
  • Ambulatory Phlebectomy: A surgical method to remove the surface veins through an incision made into the skin. The procedure is generally done in conjunction with sclerotherapy, as you must first shut the vein down then remove it using this procedure.
  • Laser surgery: A number of laser procedures are available and laser treatments are the most recommended form of treatment at Goals. As well as the most effective. Using a thin fiber-optic laser, the vein is penetrated and laser pulses are sent directly into the vein. This causes the vein emptied, relieving the vein of the blockage and the fiber optic laser is removed. On its way out the laser has the ability to close up the incision made into the vein sealing it and allowing the vein to function as normal within a few days.
  • VNUS Closure: A minimally-invasive procedure to strip away a vein, without the use of surgery. Using radio frequencies we heat the inside of the vein, causing it to collapse and seal shut. A tiny catheter is inserted into the varicose vein, then the RF energy is delivered into the vein’s walls. Most patients can return to normal daily activities immediately after this procedure, however, they must avoid vigorous exercise and wear special compression stockings (to aid in circulation) for the first 3 to 4 weeks following surgery.

Goals Plastic Surgery will work with you to decide on which treatment plan is right for you, as all of them have different associated side effects and different success rates in different people. Despite that, you can expect to see a tremendous difference after treatment, with most patients seeing immediate results!

Spider Vein Removal

What are spider veins?
Spider veins are the presence of red or blue veins protruding outside the skin, most commonly found on the legs. These are often caused by heredity, hormone imbalances, sun exposure, aging and much more. These factors cause a type of blockage or clogging along veins causing them to be exposed and show through the skin.

How can we help?
In order to remove unsightly spider veins along the body and even the face, we use non-invasive laser technology to precisely send a beam of light energy directly into the skin, targeting each and every vein. The light energy is directly shot into the vein, breaking down the clogging along the blood vessel. The once clogged vein is then absorbed into the body and disappears from the skin’s surface.

Laser vein removal is relatively pain-free, most patients have compared the sensation of the laser to that of a light pinch.

Who is the best candidate for spider vein removal?
During your consult with we will carefully examine your veins as well as going through your medical history to make sure you are eligible for spider vein removal. Those who have protruding veins, that show past the skins surface are the best candidates for vein removal.

Some veins, like larger, darker, varicose veins, may require more advanced treatments to remove as they could be signs of a much greater medical condition.

How many treatments will I need?
For the best results, patients should typically undergo 2-3 treatments. However, darker more pronounced veins may require more treatments to eliminate.

For the best results, patients are advised to avoid overexposure to the sun and apply sunscreen daily.

Side effects or downtime?
Generally side effects of laser vein removal are minimal, as it is fairly non-invasive. Patients can generally resume normal activities immediately, taking extra precautions to protect skin from the sun and harsh elements. However, you may have some bruising or redness in the area for the first few days after the procedure.

Our staff will advise you on any specific instructions if you exhibit any abnormal symptoms. It is very important to use sunscreen and avoid harsh cleansers as the skin will be quite tender for the following week or so after the procedure.


What Our Patients Are Saying

Warm and caring staff a joy to come to and get any procedure done. I am having the best experience at Goals

Vaidel Poon

I had my consultation today with Natasha she was very informative and honest..I didn’t get to meet the Dr…Dr Perkins who will be doing my BBL…Dr V is booked…I do have to say that everyone working there looks great..My date is May 8th 2018.. I will do more reviews as it comes closer to my date…so far satisfied

Marrisa Taylor

Great staff… my recovery is coming along good…Claudia gives the best massage…

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I love Dr. Voskin. He is very Professional!

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