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Slay Diet

Slay by BellaVie MD

Women’s Weight Loss Supplement
In the world of aesthetic medicine, weight loss treatments are everywhere. And with an ever-increasing demand for products that can help women to shed those excess pounds, it seems that a new wonder product or weight loss drug hits the shelves every other day. While some of them might offer some weight loss benefits, the vast majority are a scam – relying more on fad ingredients and trendy proprietary blends, than any actual science.

Well at Goals, we are happy to introduce our clients to a revolutionary new, 100% drug-free formulation, designed to naturally boost your metabolism and help you to shed those unwanted pounds – Slay by BellaVie MD!

Slay is backed by scientific research and proven results, making it one of the easiest and most effective methods of naturally burning fat.

Ketogenic Fat Burning
The ketogenic diet works using a principle in which we alter the body’s main energy source. Traditionally, our body is designed to use carbs and sugars as its energy source, but the ketogenic diet works by changing the body’s chief energy source to fats, more specifically stored fats. By starving the body of carbs or sugar, for a period of time, the body no longer requires these molecules for energy, but rather fat – a state of ketosis.

While this diet has been proven effective, achieving a state of constant ketosis is very difficult on your own. The patient must completely avoid almost all carbs and sugars, and during the first week as your body is making the transition, patients are known to experience severe withdrawal symptoms such as severe fatigue, migraine headaches, irritability, constant cravings, and much more. Once you have achieved ketosis, and these withdrawal symptoms disappear, you must avoid carbs and sugary food & drink completely – a task which takes more willpower than most of us have. Slay can help you through each step of the process!

Stay on Track with Slay!
As we stated, the ketogenic process is far too difficult for most patients. However, with Slay by BellaVie MD, you will have the help you need to stand firm and avoid cravings.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1

You begin taking Slay – 3 pills, twice per day – in conjunction with the Slay Slim Drops. This will help you to manage all cravings and suppress your appetite. Allowing you to stay on track and facilitating your body to enter into a state of constant ketosis.

Step 2

At Goals, our weight loss experts will help guide you through each and every phase in the process – giving you the personal attention you need. We can help guide you through each progressive phase, helping with any dietary questions and concerns. Slay not only helps keep you in ketosis, but it also helps eliminate the harmful stress toxins, and even certain genetic factors that can cause weight gain – again, using 100% all-natural botanical extracts!

Step 3

Track your weight loss with each successive 30-day cycle. Slay is 100% guaranteed to help you drop unwanted weight, by boosting your metabolism, controlling cravings, and turning your body into a ketogenic, fat burning machine.

Be one of the countless women who have changed their lives with Slay by BellaVie MD. With guaranteed results, you have nothing to lose but weight! For more information or to schedule a weight loss consultation, contact Goals Plastic Surgery today.

Ketogenic Fat Burning with Slay!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, odds are you’ve at least heard of the incredibly popular “keto diet”. While it seems like there’s a trendy new diet and weight loss protocol to hit the scene every few months, most of these “fad” weight loss plans rarely, if ever, truly work. And despite having all the symptoms, and a cult-like following, the keto diet is much more than just a trend – it actually works. And here’s how!

The Smart Way to Cut Carbs

At Goals Plastic Surgery, our team has fallen in love with Slay, not just because of its clever branding, and sudden popularity – but because it actually works! The ketogenic diet is similar to other low-carb diets, like the traditional Atkins diet, however it wont leave you starving or delirious because of malnutrition. The term ketogenic itself describes a state of being – putting the body into a state of ketosis. In essence, this means that your body will no longer be using carbs as an energy source, but rather proteins and fats. And while this is certainly a challenge for most of us, as for many women, carbs are a girl’s best friend, when used in conjunction with Slay, you’ll no longer feel cravings for sugar, white breads, pastries and other common carb sources.

A State of Ketosis

While the number of different for everyone, when we consume less than about 50 grams of carbs per day, the body will begin to search for an alternative means of fuel (from proteins & fats) and send you into a state of ketosis. Generally, to enter into a state of ketosis it will take the body about 3-5 days of consuming less than 50 grams of carbs, and during this period, as our bodies transition over, patients will often experience headaches, certain flu-like symptoms and more. Getting through this period is made much easier with the use of Slay. Plus, as the days wear on, and your body has entered ketosis, those symptoms will subside, and you will slowly become a fat burning machine. With the added benefit of Slay, you can expect maximum fat burning, improved metabolism, controlled cravings, and fewer issues with the transition.


What Our Patients Are Saying

Warm and caring staff a joy to come to and get any procedure done. I am having the best experience at Goals

Vaidel Poon

I had my consultation today with Natasha she was very informative and honest..I didn’t get to meet the Dr…Dr Perkins who will be doing my BBL…Dr V is booked…I do have to say that everyone working there looks great..My date is May 8th 2018.. I will do more reviews as it comes closer to my date…so far satisfied

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Great staff… my recovery is coming along good…Claudia gives the best massage…

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I love Dr. Voskin. He is very Professional!

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