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FlexSculpt® is a form of liposuction performed exclusively at Goals® Plastic Surgery to help patients achieve a smoother, slimmer body line. This procedure combines aggressive liposuction with precision body sculpting, liquifying fat, and providing patients with a naturally defined appearance. 

Our DoubleBBL® or butt augmentation procedure is a unique technique and protocol that delivers best results for autologous fat transfer that is unmatched in its safety and minimal downtime. During our procedure we create that famous hourglass silhouette which makes our practice so popular. We are not only shaping the buttocks area but also transfer fat to the outer thighs to create an S-curve and make fullness of buttocks to match laterals.

FlexSculpt® is a minimally invasive procedure that maximizes results and minimizes risks. Discuss with your physician if FlexSculpt is right for you. 

FlexSculpt® combines all the best body Contouring techniques on the market with our own patented technology to provide the most safe, effective and predictable body contouring results available today

FlexSculpt® utilizes only small incisions in your skin which intentionally left open
To improve drainage and reduce swelling thus improving results. No stitches also means that you save yourself extra visit for removal. Incisions positioned in cosmetically desired locations for the patient and barely leave a mark that is fading in time.

2021 is a unique year for the cosmetic surgery field. Because so many people are working from home, they are able to have a surgical procedure, continue to work, and recover privately. This represents an opportunity many patients have never experienced previously
The decreased access to health clubs and fitness group facilities has contributed to weight gain and people are going to look for options for improvement.

FlexSculpt is great for patients who have stubborn pockets of fat that are resistant to physical activity. 

FlexSculpt® uses a laser to penetrate deep tissues in your abdomen, back, waist, arms, and/or thighs to tighten the skin and reduce fat pockets. 

By using a smaller cannula, this minimally invasive technique promotes minimal downtime and focuses more on S-curve and body contouring results.  

Using a smaller cannula minimizes internal and external bruises, leaves minor pea-sized incision marks, and significantly shortens the healing and recovery process.

FlexSculpt is a minimally invasive procedure, resulting in a fast recovery. Though each patient varies, most can go back to work in 3 to 5 days. The recovery process lasts 4 to 6 weeks, allowing time for the body to restore its metabolic balances, and for bruising and swelling to go away. 

FlexSculpt targets fat removal and body contouring. Connect with one of our surgeons to discuss skin tightening procedures. 

The ultimate goal is to operate on patients to preserve their identity and extraordinary features without changing their ethnicity or uniqueness by doing so.

Our doctors Balance out the entire body and focus on proportion between the waist and the width of the hips as well as other parts of the body. Trends are only trends because they go in and out of style and we explain this to all of our patients. Once you visualize a look that is natural you will be happy with the results in the long run and not just while it’s trending.

We work with patients of different ethnic backgrounds, and it is important for patients to understand that each and everyone of us has different skin types as well as different features. It is important to choose a practice that works with a variety of patients in order to achieve optimal results and the healing process. For example, African-American patients tend to have thicker skin and they are prone to scars and keloids. It is extremely important for surgeons to know those important things to minimize the risks of scarring with the best possible results

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